There are traditions in this country that “define us” as Americans. These traditions range from historic events to particular time periods in our lifetime - some seemingly impossible to relive, but nevertheless, of emotional importance to us. ​

For music, it was the beginning of Rock n’ Roll and the Beatles arrival into the heart of the American culture. For politics, it was the JFK Era and the 60’s Era surrounding the war. For fashion and entertainment, it was the Rat Pack. ​

For golf, it was the Palmer/Nicklaus Era… When a young challenger from Ohio named, Jack Nicklaus broke through the veil of time to dethrone the most popular figure in the game’s history, forever shaking the pictures off the walls of the game’s hallowed halls of history and as a result, the entire world took notice.​

In this depiction of his life, our story, Eighteen follows the man and his unbreakable will to stop at nothing shy of his best, to place family above all else and to exemplify the honesty, ethics and humility in every aspect of winning, of losing and of the way he lived his life.​

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